What to Bring

In order for us to have a complete picture of your financial situation to give you the best guidance possible, please bring all relevant information with you to your appointment.

This could include:

- Copy of most recent IRA, 401(k), pension, profit sharing, and employee benefit statements- please include your current contributions and your employer's contributions

- Copy of most recent Social Security benefits statement (www.ssa.gov)

- Copy of most recent brokerage statements

- List of all bank, savings, and credit union accounts that are relevant to your retirement plan, including current balances

- List of all CDs including maturity dates and interest rates

- Copy of most recent Federal income tax return

- Our Risk Tolerance Questionnaire (that will be included in your welcome packet)

- Life and/or long-term care insurance policy statements

- Beneficiary information: name, address, Social Security number, date of birth